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    Date Set for First-Quarter 2014 Financial Results Announcement & Conference Call

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    Lilly and T1D Exchange Partner Up to Advance Diabetes Care

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    Lilly Foundation Awards $1 Million to Support Public School Initiative in Indianapolis

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Minority populations frequently face a worse disease outlook than other populations in the U.S.

Great things to keep in mind MT @AbbeSteel: Building an app for clinical trial participants? Common myths people have…

CEO John Lechleiter visited @IDRItweets to get the latest on our work through the Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative

As the @Genevaforum starts, we preview a key focus area; supporting frontline health workers. #GvaHF14

Lilly sharing insight from #globalhealth programs @Genevaforum to share info with other #GvaHF14 participants

Minority populations frequently face a worse disease outlook than other populations in the U.S.

Find out what we are doing at Lilly to fight #fakemeds in @indystar’s article:

This National Minority Health Month, let’s look at policies that support #HealthEquity

Health @MinRonaAmbrose #GOC have been promoting #innovation and use of technology in health #cdnpoli

Personalized Health: Canada Goes Digital: the democratization of access to info #cdnhealth @CMA_Docs @CPhAAPhC

Congratulations to Dr. Vaughan! MT @DHWNovaScotia Welcome Dr. Peter Vaughan, new deputy minister of Health & Wellness & @NSSeniors! #nspoli

¿Quieres saber qué podemos esperar este sexenio en materia de salud? @SSalud_mx

¿Quieres saber qué podemos esperar este sexenio en materia de salud? @SSalud_mx

¿Conoces el programa sectorial de salud? @SSalud_mx @_MJuan_

#EP2014 countdown 33 days... what should new MEPs do for #HealthandGrowth ? Here are a few suggestions

5 Things We Liked About March - read our BLOG including @BarackObama visit #TTIP discussions and #EP2014

And while we're looking back at the #BrusselsForum - here's our @LillyPadEU blog #TTIP #EUUS

Strawberries and cantaloupe are not only sweet but can help reduce risk of heart disease. Learn more this spring at

Happy Friday! Are you an #Alzheimer's caregiver? Any plans for the weekend? @AARP has ideas:

April is #Minority Cancer Awareness Month. #Cancer can affect anyone; learn more about these #stats here:

.@TXMind hopes to to tackle stigmas surrounding mental illness

How can you improve mental health care? #advocate

#Ag and #food – top priority for @UN. A #foodsecurefuture is possible cc:@farmingfirst

ENOUGH – a movement. More than a message – a way of life. Let Enough inspire you, @sunflowerfarmer.

#WhoWeAre MT@AndyNewell2 @ChannelSeed provided the seed & our customer donated grain to local food bank!

Vision: a #foodsecure world. Stocked, not empty, pantries. Join us to #feedthe9! cc:@bread4theworld

Let staff make mistakes. Have learned more from failure than success. Thoughts, @RobbFraley? #leadership

SACRIFICE - word for the day! Shocked what walked in front of me at a stoplight this morning. #GoodFriday

Great things to keep in mind MT @AbbeSteel: Building an app for clinical trial participants? Common myths people have…

Interesting! Startup helps #patients be medical detectives | The Strange Connection Between Germs and Sherlock Holmes

Lilly CEO John Lechleiter on closing the diversity gap in #clinicaltrials: @Forbes #epatient #NMHM

Cast your vote and choose which piece of art is #BroughtToLife for the #HopeMuralsProject!

April is National Cancer Control Month, let's all recommit to support the fight against this disease. #Cancer

Tell your friends & family to vote in the #HopeMuralsProject to bring #inspirational #art to #life all over the U.S.

Seeking Supply Chain professional to review demands & create production plans for Elanco. Check it out> @Elanco

Interested in joining team responsible for facilitating science & validation in manufacturing sites throughout world?

Seeking a Sr. Engineer to influence design, construction, vendor selection and equipment maintenance. Is this YOU?

Latest News & Blogs

  • April 18, 2014 - Good News for Our Health System - LillyPad

    I talk repeatedly about issues affecting access to medicines. So why stop now, especially during …

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  • April 17, 2014 - Personalized Health – Canada Goes Digital - LillyPad Canada

    consumer driven innovation in health recently on LillyPadCA. Digital health tools provide the tools and information to inspire improvements in clinical practice, better treatment and outcomes for patients, and ultimately, a more efficient, cost-effective health care system. Some of the ways digital health tools are helping to transform the way health care is delivered include:          Providing online access to personal health information such as lab results, current medications and ot…

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  • April 17, 2014 - Address the Disparity this #NMHM - LillyPad

    A version of this post appeared on PACE, you can click here to read it. April marks National Minority Health Month, an opportunity to raise awareness of the health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. This year's theme, "Prevention is Power," highlights how improved access to preventative care and medicines can reduce health disparities and improve our nation's overall public health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines health…

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  • April 16, 2014 - A Look at Minority Health in the U.S. - LillyPad

    A version of this post recently appeared on our Campaign for Modern Medicines blog. Lack of health insurance negatively affects the quality and availability of health care received by minorities more than any other demographic factor. The impact of this disparity worsens when you consider that minority populations account for more than half of our country’s 50 million uninsured citizens. As we reflect on National Minority Health Month, we need to identify and support policies that help us work…

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  • April 15, 2014 - Partnerships for Sustained R&D - LillyPad

    The Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) recently published their 2014 report on the state of health research and development around the world. In particular, the report looked at the impact of 2013’s sequestration budget cuts on health care R&D. GHTC concludes that government spending cuts, including a 22% decrease in NIH funding since 2003, have had a significant impact on the health R&D pipeline that will continue until necessary funding resumes. GHTC’s report sheds lig…

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