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    Lilly Provides Update on Strategy and Announces 2015 Financial Guidance

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    Lilly Announces Promotion of Darren J. Carroll to Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Development

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    Lilly Earns Perfect Score From Human Rights Campaign Foundation's 2015 Corporate Equality Index

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What does #DowntonAbbey have to do with #diabetes research? More than you might think:

Snowed in? Take a look at what #personalizedmedicine and snowflakes have in common:

Why @driverRyanReed's work to raise awareness of #diabetes inspires us:

What does #DowntonAbbey have to do with #diabetes research? More than you might think:

Why @driverRyanReed's work to raise awareness of #diabetes inspires us:

What is the value of medical discovery for people living with diseases like #cancer and diabetes? @robzirk explores:

Read about our dedication to bring better #earlyed to Indianapolis.

Reflect with us on our 2014 efforts to life better for people around the world. #CSR

It takes an average of 17 years for health research to be put to use. We’re working with @AnthemInc to speed that up:

Discover how the “ripple effect” is transforming #cancerinnovation:

No scientific discovery exists in a vacuum. Discover how the scientific community is accelerating #cancerinnovation:

How can #techtransfer solve growing #globalhealth challenges?

Even when medicine is available free of charge, many don’t complete the recommended #tuberculosis treatment. #StopTB

Investments in R&D enable the #innovation that strengthens Canada’s economy and global competitiveness. #cdnpoli

Check out this new resource that will help measure the progress made against #cancer over time: @PACENetwork

¿Sabes cuanto presupuesto por derechohabiente tiene cada institución de salud publica para 2015?

¿cuánto invertirá en 2015 el gobierno en la salud de los mexicanos? #saludmexico

Muchas felicidades a Asociación ALE por sus 10 años impulsando los transplantes en #Mexico

Our new post by civic-technology thought leader @jebory explores the changing nature of grassroots advocacy:

Technology is transforming #advocacy. @jebory breaks down these changes:

The rapid spread of smartphones and #socialmedia could change #advocacy forever.

RT @PACENetwork: Join us to learn about PACE Continuous Innovation Indicators & what they mean to #cancerinnovation:

RT @JoPeKim: @Elissa_Malcohn @stales @WhatNext_Cancer this is a good resource 2 learn about socmed while in a trial

Are Internet-Based Studies the Future of Clinical Research?

Diagnosed with #type1 diabetes at the age of 17, @driverRyanReed didn’t let it get in the way of his dreams.

This hit TV show is doing its part to support the #diabetes community:

The discovery of insulin represents an important story of partnership between @LillyPad and academic researchers:

Snowed in? Take a look at what #personalizedmedicine and snowflakes have in common:

Before heading outside to build a snowman, take a look at what snow can teach us about #cancercare:

What can snow teach us about #cancercare? Find out:

This painting is a tribute to someone I cared about very deeply. It represents her cheerful spirit, which lives on.

Today we honor “Hands of Hope” from a winner in Illinois. #Cancer #HopeForward

This month we’ll be celebrating our 2014 winners. We are honored to share your vision. #Cancer #ArtTherapy

We can't wait to see you all next week at @IPPEexpo! Visit us at our #IPPE2015 booth 1139, Hall A2.

What are our next steps?

Africa imports $50B worth of food. What if Africa could feed itself? Learn more from @BillGates #FeedThe9

Uncertain Times, you need: Clarity of Mission, Flexibility of Plans & Transparency @AndyStanley #FavPodcast

What are you doing to make the world better? I want every person to have #FoodSecurity. #Action2015 #FeedThe9

Movements begin with bold visions. Join today to help us #FeedThe9:

Latest News & Blogs

  • January 23, 2015 - ¿Cuánto dinero le toca a cada institución de salud? - LillyPad Mexico

    ¿Saber cuánto dinero se asignó a salud en 2015 me dice algo? La respuesta es no, al menos para cualquier derechohabiente que usa los servicios públicos de salud. Después de todo, saber que la Secretaría de Hacienda asigna muchos millones de pesos para el rubro no indica cómo se distribuirá ese dinero entre las instituciones o si esos millones se traducirán en más servicios médicos. Pero si ese dinero se ilustra con base en el monto asignado por afiliado (Gráfica 1), podremos ver una …

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  • January 23, 2015 - The State of the Union: Trade and Discovery - LillyPad

    Washington always starts buzzing around State of the Union time, and this week was no different. While the address didn’t “break the internet” it did get a lot people talking about trade and discovery. In today’s LinkPad, we’re exploring how those themes permeated the news this week: Time dove into one of the President’s key points of agreement with the new Republican-held Congress: pushing ambitious, twenty-first century trade agreements. In his speech, the President noted tha…

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  • January 23, 2015 - Insulin at the Abbey: Diabetes on Downton Abbey - LillyPad

    Is there a link between diabetes and the popular PBS Masterpiece series Downton Abbey? As surely as Lady Violet loves her tea, there is. And that could mean good news for diabetes awareness. In a recent episode, Isobel Crawley and Dr. Clarkson discussed the discovery of insulin. The mention was brief, but significant, given that the current season of the hit TV show takes place in 1924, just one year after Eli Lilly and Company introduced the first commercial insulin. The history of this d…

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  • January 22, 2015 - On and Off the Track with Ryan Reed - LillyPad

    Ever wonder what drives a world class athlete to accomplish amazing feats? Over the last few weeks, we’ve been honored to hear NASCAR driver Ryan Reed answer that very question. On the track, Ryan’s pit crew helps him keep pace. Off the track, he has a support system in place that helps him manage his life as an athlete with diabetes. Here’s a recap to get you up to speed: What drives Ryan Reed? The answer: his dreams. When Ryan was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 1…

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  • January 20, 2015 - Charting Every Step Towards Progress - LillyPad Canada

    A version of this post originally appeared on the blog for PACE Network, a Lilly Oncology initiative.  Over the past 25 years, the picture of life after a cancer diagnosis has changed drastically. Thanks to medical advances, millions of people living with cancer have been able to experience a better quality of life, spend more time in the company of loved ones, and even overcome illness. However, sustaining this momentum and accelerating the pace of cancer innovation requires a better understa…

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